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We know how challenging a career path could be for a professional football player, how they need support in everyday-life situations.

Our top priority is the client and providing him with the best representation and management possible.

We believe there is more to the client/agent relationship than just contract negotiations. We believe in developing personal relationships with our clients that extend beyond the athletic arena.

We take an honest and straightforward approach with every player and maintain the highest level of integrity at all times, we use a “hands on” approach with each client and are always accessible to our players.

When you become a client of TOP SPORTS you become part of a family.

TOP SPORTS is about passion, commitment and joy but also with the necessary know-how. We are dedicated to enable athletes to pursue their career compassionately and successfully with our support.

We put our emphasis on the observation on training, matches, video analysis of matches. We further provide our athletes with a professional medical and media network and maintain quality contact with our clients.

Daily chores, like searching for an apartment, a tax attorney and partners for sponsorships are very time consuming, this is time a professional athlete may not have, or may not wish to invest, because focusing on career is of far greater importance.

It is our personal mission to make sure every athlete, who is confronted with daily life issues, goes to sleep at night free of concerns, knowing we will quickly take care of their issues.

No athlete working with TOP SPORTS will be considered a second class priority, regardless of status or league.

From the very beginning it is our goal to respectfully work with their family and take into consideration all the opinions of the people closest to them.

We want to work together as a team to build the necessary trust, upon which everything is built.

For everything else, we have our vast network- facilitating the cooperation with the media, other clubs and potential sponsorship partners.

TOP SPORTS relies on a tightly knit network of partners, friends and consultants.